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tv   Action News  ABC  March 10, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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packing. and a father charged with leaving his child in a casino parking lot as he gambles next. "action news." delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. >> is he the smartest guy in the room or a mad scientist? does he have a master plan? or is he doing it on the fly? his name is chip kelly and it
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appears that he is trying to recreate the eagles in his own i am -- image. making a move for the biggest move, a new quarterback. and chip kelly's bombshell swapping quarterbacks with the rams, nick foles for sam bradford. a lot of fans cannot help that there is another cleat yet to drop. and the latest from ducis rodgers. >> the eagles' fans are shaking their head. mariota is the quarterback many want here. how they can get to that is any one's guess. acquiring sam bradford and st. louis' 2015 fifth-round trick. and shipping out nick foles and the fourth round pick this year and next year's second-round pick. bradford a former number one pick, and has been in the league since 2010. enjoying success early.
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name the a.p. offensive rookie of the year his rookie season but injured in recent years. bradford missed all of last season after tearing his left acl the second time in as many seasons. his best season was in 2012 when he threw over 3700 yards and 21 touchdowns. foles lit the nfl on fire in 2013. 27 touchdowns against 2 interceptions going to the pro bowl. last season he struggled behind a banged up offensive line. suffering a season-ending collarbone injury and he thanked teammates and fans. it is rare you see a trade, quarterback for quarterback. and the eagles and rams are trying it out. >> all right. and going to "action news" reporter sharrie williams at the big board. the foles trade is not the first of kelly's move and presuably the last. >> the saga can't end like this or can it? a live wire the eagles are
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flying everywhere. in seven days kelly traded the top running back from last year leading wideout gone to free agency and now trades the starting quarterback. and fans are forced to watch all of the changes from the sidelines, no doubt driving them crazy. >> i give him six to eight games into the season to tell. >> the new-look eagles not just a phrase it is a nail-biting, mouth-dropping, stay-tuned mantra. >> as a fan watching all of this, are you nervous? do you like it? >> it's exciting. i'm say that. i have never been this excited for the season in march. >> trading quarterback nick foles for sam bradford of the st. louis rams is the latest stunner to fans. >> i couldn't believe it. i was like wow, i thought we looked him. >> maybe not. >> maybe not, huh? who knows. who knows what he has in mind. >> are you ok with seeing nick foles go? >> no, i'm not, no. i would like to see him get another year give him another chance.
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>> no harriman, no macklin, no shady. that one has not sunk in just yet. >> foles is not a big a deal. i am more upset with shady going. >> now no foles yet. foles who was 14-4 as a starter under chip kelly is gone. shady's jersey is marked down from $100 to just $30. foles' likely to follow. and fans are doing the best to crack kelly's long-term plan. >> either cutting bradford or trading him to another pick in exchange for pick guaranteeing mariota. >> and the fans hope it will equate to a win. >> we need a championship. we haven't won and we need one please. before i die i need to win one. >> a request from probably every fan out there following the eagles. nick foles tweeting saying this
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thankful for the opportunity to start my career in philly. going to miss my teammates and eagles' fans who supported me. jim that's the latest on what is happening in eagles' nation. >> not a request, it is a demand. >> you are right. thank you. the steady rain showers we had through the evening are making way for dense and potentially dangerous fog that will stick around for the early-morning commute. here is a time lapse of how it looked from sky 6 tonight in atlantic city as the blank et of fog rolled in cutting down visibility and cecily tynan is tracking it all with double scan radar. >> and jim double scan live showing we do have a steady rain over philadelphia and areas east. if you look west of chester and berks county you see the dry air beginning to develop over lancaster county, and a bigger view on double scan showing the steady rain moving out of the region. across central and western pennsylvania we have scattered showers. generally drying out as we head through the overnight hours.
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the biggest issue is the fog. it is already foggy out there and the fog will be thickening overnight. the national weather service posted a dense fog advisory until 6:00 in the morning for visibility dropping down to less than a quarter mile. already philadelphia disability two miles. millville 1.7. wilmington 1.5. you notice in the northwest suburbs where we have a deeper snow back the ground is colder and the visibility down to a quarter mile as warmer air moves over the colder ground causing condensation and fog. the fog concerns overnight. a quick drop in visibility. driving and the fog isn't that bad and all of a sudden it gets very thick. definitely use the low beams. and also slow down increase your following distance behind the car in front of you. talking about when the fog rolls out and warmer air moves in briefly coming up in the full alaska forecast jim. >> thank you. check the stormtracker 6 a.p. before you head out for the
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latest conditions and the hourly forecast to see how the day will progress. the app is free for apple and an droid devices. two people hurt in a septa bus accident at 7:45 tonight in thend a car struck the bus and the car's driver and a passenger were taken to the hospital for minor injuries. a philadelphia man arraigned for allegedly leaving his 7-year-old alone in the car while he gambled for three ours in the parx casino. live at the casino tonight in bensalem is "action news" reporter, dann cuellar. dann? >> jim, here we go again. police charged yet another person for leaving a child in the vehicle while they are inside of the parx casino gambling. in this case a man was playing black jack and his 7 boy-year-old
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boy was screaming in the car. >> why could you leave him in the car like that? >> he had nothing to say when carted off to a bail hearing. hours earlier seen gambling away as his 7-year-old son was in the car screaming for help. >> a good samaritan called in that the child was left in the car and they heard the child screaming and yelling for his father. >> around 3:30. and they took the child out of the car and to the safety of the replying as they tried to locate his father inside of the casino. >> we then monitored him on pax security cameras playing backjack. no attempt to the go to the vehicle and a decision was made around 6:30 p.m. to go in with detectives and state police to apprehend mr. bolds. >> the latest case of leaving a child in a vehicle outside of the parx casino while inside gambling. more than a dozen since the casino opened a few years ago. >> people are going to gamble we ask them to make arrangements to keep the child at home care for
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them properly. leaving them in the parking lot is not acceptable and something we take seriously here. >> the child is ok and reunited with his mother. and bolds has been ordered held at the bucks county correctional facility in lieu of 10% of $70,000 bail. and ordered not to have any contact with his son. live outside of the parx casino dann cuellar, channel 6 news." >> thank you. defense attorneys vow to appeal the conviction of eric torres, the man who shot a philadelphia police officer in august of 2013. 41 year old officer, edward daviess survived but suffered severe kidney damage and still off the job as he recovers. >> i am just happen it's over that's all. just glad i can move on with my family and make up for lost time. >> the shooting happened inside of a feltonville corner store. officers struggled to subdue torres. during that he was shot. the defense said it was an accident that torres was pinned do you want and couldn't aim or
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pull the trigger. they convicted him on all other counts including aggravated assault. prosecutors say facing at least 20 years in prison. and funeral arrangements for police officer robert wilson iii. viewing friday at francis funeral home on whitby avenue in philadelphia 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. second viewing saturday at the palestra on the university of pennsylvania going from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. the funeral service following at 10:30. camden teachers getting raises up a newly an approved contact. the school district announced the union ratified the terms of the deal running to 2018 including salary hikes of about 2%. more money for attending professional development programs, and scheduling changes. the camden education association covers roughly 1500 members,
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both teachers and support staff. philadelphia state representatives louise williams bishop representative brownlee and former state rep harold james charged with bribery, conspiracy and other counts. all surrendered today in harrisburg bringing to six the number of state lawmakers from philadelphia in the pay-to-play sting. and kathleen kane dropped the case before it was taken up by seth williams. hillary clinton said she made a mistake but insisted she created no security risk nor broke any law. trying to head off the first controversial in the run-up to the all--but-certain campaign for president. and the allegations that she used only privates email as secretary of state. >> i operated for convenience to use my personal email account which was allowed by the state department because i thought it
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would be easier to carry one device for my work and personal emails instead of two. >> but she recently said at a women's conference in california that she now uses two devices, an iphone and blackberry. she said today her work emails are preserved on government servers. >> and the vast majority of my work emails went to government employees at their government addresses. which meant they were captured and preserved immediately on the system. >> and today she defended deleting tens of thousands of personal emails but critics say there is no way to verify the content of discarded emails. and knowingly selling con -- contaminated tylenol. and the key pistol -- piece
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of evidence in the boston bombing trial. and hearing from marvin gaye's children after they say robin thicke and pharrell williams got to give up $7 million. once the rain and fog moves out get ready for the warmest weather this year. details on the timing and how long the warmth sticks around in the agoforecast. and ducis rodgers with not only more on the nick foles deal but mccoy in buffalo bills blue when "action news" continues tonight. someone did a half-fast job posting our vacation pics. when i post my slow jams, i'm a little half fast totally half fast stop living with half fast internet. only verizon fios comes with speedmatch - uploads as fast as downloads. and the fastest wi-fi available from any provider. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v
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>> video of an abduction attempt in process. saying the man pulled a toddler in his arms from a stroller and took off. the 22-month-old and his siblings at a nearby park but left unattended by a family friend of the man eventually dropped the little boy after his
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brother and sister's screams alerted others. a manhunt underway. apologizing for the racist chant getting him kicked out of school. parker rice admits he is one of those heard with racial slurps. and he said alcohol played a role but it is not an excuse. he and another member expelled and the fraternity thrown off campus. the jurors in the trial of the boston bomber you a pictures of a note he had inside of the boat. and he wrote that he was jealous of his dead brother because he was in paradise. and tsarnaev's lawyer admits that he took part in the bombings but his brother, tamerlan the mastermind.
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and steal a beat from a famous hit cost robin thicke and pharrell williams $7 million. a jury found that they borrowed music from marvin gaye to make the 2013 smashed hit, "blurred lines." and the jurors listened to gaye's song "got to give it up" for comparison and gaye's children say it is a victory for their father's legacy. >> he is gone for 30 years, so when this happened there was nothing else to do but to stand up for him. >> in a statement, williams said he is disappointed and leaves the ruling sets a horrible precedent for music and creativity. "healthcheck" tonight, tainted tylenol bottles at a montgomery county plant the basis for a settlement. pleading guilty today to a
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federal charge selling over-the-counter medicine with metal particles of nickel iron and chromium in bottles ever infant and children's tylenol and children's motrin. and mcneal admitted it knew about the problem for a year but failed to take steps to fix it. the medicine eventually recalled. the justice department says nobody was hurt. the fort washington facility shutdown in 2010 and yet to reopen. and the latest word from accuweather and meteorologist cecily tynan. >> the rain moving out overnight. the fog a problem into the morning hours. and the double scan showing steady rain east of philadelphia. if you look across the northwest suburbs lancaster county berks county, parts of northern bucks county, seeing drier air work in. that is the progression that will continue to the south and east. the action cam tonight taking a
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look, philadelphia city hall william penn shrouded in clouds. an erie view out there. and temperatures really haven't moved much at all. the good news with the rain nothing is freezing even the poconos. it is 39 degrees. philadelphia 49. wilmington 45. and wildwood 48 degrees. reading currently 40 degrees. the problem though is the visibility. visibility close to a mile. 1.3 in philadelphia 1 mile in wilmington a half mile in dover. northwest suburbs with the sticker snow back down to a quarter mile. visibility dropping as we head through the overnight hours. satellite 6 along with action radar showing the steadiest rain east of philadelphia. still scattered showers to the west, it will take about 3:00 or so before all the rain exits and the morning commute, the rain is out of here but we have the low clouds and the fog, which will be lingering into the midmorning. the morning in philadelphia take
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it slow. temperatures in the low 40s. by 10:00 the fog is breaking. by the afternoon, beautiful and plenty of sunshine nice and mild. the first time this year temperatures in the 60s. enjoy it because temperatures cool off on thursday. double-barrel high pressure over us bringing us a lot of sunshine with the sinking air. not a cloud in the sky. temperatures will be more seasonable with a high of 51 degrees on thursday. the call from accuweather with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, morning fog, afternoon sunshine. very mild with a high of 63 degrees. the warmest day since christmas. and then on thursday sunny and cooler, a high 51 degrees. still a nice day, just not quite as warm. friday the clouds roll in. rain friday night, could begin as sleet in the lehigh valley. the first half of the weekend is going to be soggy. saturday on and off periods of
11:22 pm
rain and heaviest the morning hours. the good news not a watchsh out of a weekend. and then a possibility after scattered hours and 52 degrees. monday, mostly sunny, 54 degrees. heading towards st. patrick's day a chance of a shower and high of 51. the rain out for the morning commute, fog here. take it slow and use low beams. fog can cause a lot of problems with the commute. >> thank you. the financial burden surrounding a major high school highlistone lifted for 250 young women in philadelphia. transforming the center into the prom boutique. and teens could shop the racks and pick out the perfect dress at no cost to them. to top off every look they took home shoes and make-up. and camden received a gift from uncle sam to help clean up
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the city streets. the e.p.a. awarded $200,000 grant to revitalize the neighborhood and they have a plan to transform blighted homes into cleaner, safer residences. across america with megajackpot going with a millions. it is tuesday, march 10. the jackpot estimated $25 million. the to win you must have the five white ball and the gold megaball. the first number is 73. that is followed by 10. up next we have 30 followed by 14 and your final white ball this tuesday evening is 19. now the megaball the number is 14. and the winning numbers are 71 10, 30 14 19.
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you like it you don't like it, you can say one thing -- chip kelly is keeping it interesting. >> he has some -- he has a lot of giles and juts intestinal fortitude. and the eagles get sam bradford and the rams' fifth-round pick in the trade. and they get foles and the fourth-routh pick this year and second round in 2016. sam bradford a heisman trophy winner the number one overall pick in 2010. winning offensive rookie of the award last season 3700 yards in 2012, but played just seven games since that season. he missed all of last year preparing his left acl for the second time.
11:28 pm
some fans are upset by chip kelly's moves this off-season and others confused. espn analyst ron jaworski says be patient. >> it appears to me that chip kelly has a plan. we have to let the plan play out. i have a great respect for a coach that's willing to have the courage to make tough decisions and change to win a championship. the acquisition of maxwell is official. a six-year contract reported $60 million. and $25 million guaranteed. last season the eagles' ranked 31 out of 32 teams in pass defense. maxwell excels in press coverage. mccoy's trade official he is a buffalo bill. the linebacker kiko alonso is now eagle. mccoy formally introduced a new contract for buffalo, $26.5 million in guaranteed mondayey.
11:29 pm
they both feel it is a good fit. >> it was a surprise but life goes on. i am happy here and all of the coaches and the atmosphere here the environment they embraced me with open arms. i am happy to be here. >> i am not just to put added pressure on myself because i am traded for mccoy. i will just go out and do what i do and give the organization and the fans my best. >> alonso says he has a knee injury may not be 100% for training camp. how would this cowboy look in eagles' green? murray and the birds have mutual interests. the running back led the nfl in rushing last season over 1800 yards. and talking about the flyers after the break.
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phillies news cliff lee trying to pitch through pain. the status for the season up in
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the air. the leftie got a second opinion from dr. james andrew. agreeing that the mri the tendon shows no change. surgery still an option. and lee's first actions since experiencing pain last week. >> not terribly optimistic but a possibility he can come back and throw with a minimal amount of discomfort. and phillies and tigers. and gonzalez hit hard. and the two-run homer and gone gone -- >> and the flyers and as far as tie game in the third period. and steve mason facing pressure and the flyers lose 2-1. boston wins and the flyers nine points back with 14 games to go. and college basketball penn and princeston and the last coach for the head coach.
11:34 pm
tigers are led with 18 points and 9 boards. and penn loses and coach allen leaves after a six-year run. >> we at all times challenge ourselves to leave it better than we found it. and not to throw anybody under the bus and name names, but i changed the coaches. >> and that cap as very busy day in sports. >> indeed thank you. and jimmy kimmel live next on channel 6 followed by "nightline." and jennifer lopez and keith urban. and "action news" continues at 4:30 with pamela edwards, matt o'donnell meteorologist david murphy and karen rogers with traffic. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. have a good night. ♪♪
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>> dicky: from hollywood -- it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- from "american idol", jennifer lopez. keith urban. harry connick, jr. from "man seeking woman," eric andré. and keith urban performs. with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ ♪


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